Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Cricut serenade

Ok so this was my naughtyness the other day, I saw this over on Karens blog and fell in love, well who wouldnt, cutesy little birdie cages, flutterby's and pretty things...

so I had to have it, I scoured the net looking for it, and believe me it took hous, no one had it in stock, then I found it cute and crafty had it £44.99, so it whipped itself into my cart and paypal did its thing! So off I went surfing some more looking for the sweet treats cart - yes am into anything sweet at the mo. When alas I went to cutting edge crafts to find this little baby £10.00 cheaper, so I rang cute and crafty - thank you so much nice man - and cancelled my order and purchased from cutting egde, which left me with a handy £10 extra to spend on other bits!!!!!

So here it is in all its glory, had to hide it from hubby though, pain in the neck that they sent it recorded, couldnt really hide that, I am however a little miffed with QVC Im still waiting for my Martha Stewart punches, if they arrive sometime in the next hour I will be laughing, if not then Im in trouble as hubby will be home! please, please please let them arrive while he is out!

Gramps is still in hopsital so I made him a card to send to nan for valentines day, hope you like it.
We have found out that the hospital wants to release him but that he will have to go into some form of care home, not a problem you would think, but of course there is my nan too, she really needs more care than she gets, so we are ready to fight, we want them to go into the same home, we arent convinced though that they both need the same type of care, let battle commence - us against HCC!!!!!

Thanks for reading!

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SusieJ said...

Gorgeous card and I love that Cricut cart!
Sue xx