Saturday, 19 September 2009

Second week of teaching and my baby is all grown up!

Well my second week went far better than my first and Im hoping that this week is going to be even better, Im being observed on wednesday, so that should be interesting!!!!!! I only hope i dont do too badly!

My bubba is all grown up now, she has started school and looks so grown up!!!! Photos to follow and I cant find the lead for my camera - nothing changes does it!

Ive had a productive day today, manage to get a whole lesson planned and half of another, Im trying to make my lessons a bit more interactive so have planned some simple games into my maths lesson as Im finding them a littlle bit dry at the moment!!!!!

Anyhow, as you prob all know charley is still into dummies and at 4 its just not funny anymore! So we have told her, no more during the day, every morning she has to put them in the dum bag and they are hidden, its working so far! So next saturday the dummy fairies will be visiting us, on saturday morning we will be popping them all into a pretty bag and just before we go to bed we will hang them on the tree in the garden (please pray it doesnt rain!!!!!) then in the morning they will be gone and the fairies will distribute them to all the babies and maybe leave a little gift! Bless!!!!


SusieJ said...

Pleased you had a better week Joanne - good luck for Wednesday!
Great idea with the dummies too.
Sue xx

Helen said...

great idea for the dummies, hope it works...and well done on the teaching. good luck for next week

Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done on getting through your 2nd week jo, and great idea with the dummies, sparkles to charley...

maria x