Monday, 19 October 2009

Been a month!

Can't believe how long its been since I blogged, well I guess I can, knowing how busy I have been the last few weeks! Charlotte is loving school, Steve has a nasty tummy bug (here is hoping that I dont get it!) adn me, well Im busy with lesson planing, lesson planning, lesson planning and marking! I ahve never had so little time in my life!

Have done very little crafting, an album for my mother in law for her birthday at the beginning of the month is about all I have had time for, oh and some decoupage ready for xmas cards, but still need to pop them onto some cards! The world keeps turning, and I keep getting bogged down, but is it fun.

Yesterday was a bit of light relief, we fed the ducks, took some wax crayons and paper to the park and did some rubbings, I dont think Charley has ever done that before, she seemed to enjoy it! Then we topped it off with lunch in the pub, not sure why I do this as its always sooooooo dissapointing, its never as good as a home cooked lunch and always costs a fortune, ah well never mind eh!

So this week is busier than normal, no uni today, an extra day in work, parents evening that I have to stay for tomorrow night, and thursday and friday uni for me and a pirate party for charley, we had to make a treasure box this week for it, not funny, I still have splashes of pink paint around my kitchen - NEVER AGAIN! Will have to post some pics at some point soon, esp as I havent even put any USA ones up yet!
As promised some pics of the mini book, this is the one that I made for steves mum I think! I also made one for Steve for his birthday! So actually thats 2 mini books this month so far! If you look carefully you may even see some of the florida pics I took on holiday!


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SusieJ said...

Life sounds hectic Joanne - take some time for a few deep breaths!
Fingers crossed you avoid the tummy bug.
Sue xx