Friday, 4 September 2009

Lovin it. lovin it, lovin it!

Thats how I am at work at the mo! That could be cos Im no longer teacher in charge, and all Im doing all day is observing other teachers and chatting with children and keeping them on track!

Thats all set to change in about 2 weeks time when I HAVE to start real teaching! LOL! Im working in Year 2 which is a bit of a step up from nursery, but its great fun!

So today Charleys teacher is visiting, a 'home visit' as they call it, basically its an excuse to come and nose round your house, so I havent done loads of cleaning, or tidying, I like the 'this is what we are like, this is how you find us!' kind of attitude. Ive been on so many home visits where you can just smell the cleaning products that have been used to disinfect every surface and make you feel like a good parent, even if its the first time the house has seen a duster in 6 weeks! But that is not my house today, my house comes with 6 weeks of dust, the crumbs of toast on the kitchen floor from breakfast and the washing machine, dishwasher and tumbler running at great noise, cos thats what always happens on a friday morning! Only benefit today is that I get more time to do it all! Hooray, hope I get that second load of washing on before the visit is over!!!!


SusieJ said...

It's great that you're enjoying work Joanne! Good luck for when the "proper" stuff starts.
Are these home visits s'thing new?
Only one Of DS's teachers ever came to the house and that was because she was a neighbour and friend.
Sue xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

good luck with year 2's joanne and hope your visit went OK...

maria x

craftattack said...

Good luck and have a good start with your new school year!