Monday, 23 August 2010

Our Town!

So Gill over on Docrafts set this challenge to tell each other a bit about where we live so here goes!

I live in camberley! 

Camberley is a town in the Surrey Heath district in Surrey, England, situated 31 miles (50 km) southwest of central London, in the corridor between the M3 and M4 motorways. The town lies close to the borders of both Hampshire and Berkshire; the boundaries intersect on the western edge of the town where all three counties converge.

The town has a population of 30,155!

Before the 19th century, the area now occupied by Camberley was referred to as Bagshot Heath, which was known as a haunt of Highwaymen such as William Davies - known as the Golden Farmer - and Claude Duval.

The town as it now stands has its roots in the building of The Royal Military College, which later became the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, in 1812. A settlement known as "New Town" grew in the area around the college which in 1831 was renamed Yorktown, after Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany.[4] At this time, the population was 702.
Later, the Staff College was established to the east of the Academy, and a property speculator built the nearby Cambridge Hotel. The surrounding area became known as Cambridge Town, but was renamed "Camberley" in January 1877 due to avoid confusion by the General Post Office with Cambridge in Cambridgeshire. The renaming of Camberley was mentioned in the 1963 film adaptation of Lord of the Flies. The character Piggy states that the new name consisted of three parts; "Cam" taken from the original name of Cambridgetown, "ber" taken from the name of a nearby river (though in fact there is no river with this name), and "ley" because it is a common ending for English town names (as in neighbouring Frimley). Hugh Edwards, the child actor who played Piggy, attended Camberley Primary School which was demolished to make way for the town centre redevelopment.

Wow werent we lucky to be in that book!!!!!
So which weird and wonder people live/lived in Camberley!!!

Well we were home to some fantastic groups (well in their times!!!!)

5ive, boy band 1997-2001. They were the subject of the television programme 'Neighbours From Hell' whilst living in Camberley

Tony Barker-May, former journalist and advisor to two Leaders of the Opposition and to the Premier of Western Australia, and senior advisor to the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, lived in Camberley from 1960 to 1971

Darren Barnard, former professional footballer currently playing for Camberley Town F.C.. Has also played football for Wales.

Bros, late-1980s boy band who attended Collingwood school. - delivered the local newspapers in their road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Brown, 1990s pop singer.

Five Star, 1980s pop group (this band live near Blackwater). Then they moved to Sunningdale to a very posh house!!!!
Brian McBride (Director) MD of Amazon UK and Director of Celtic FC

Tim Sills, professional footballer currently playing for Torquay United.
Spice Girls, who lived together in Camberley for a while.

Richard Stilgoe, lyricist and musician.

Arthur Sullivan, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame, started writing The Golden Legend whilst living in Camberley. The site of his house is now occupied by a McDonald's restaurant.

Bruce Woolley, writer of 'Video Killed The Radio Star'

Dame Ethel Smyth, lived as a child at Frimhurst, Frimley Green, and as an adult for some time on the Portsmouth Road, Camberley at the house that is now The One Oak pub.

Andrew Meechan, the champion bull fighter.

Arent we privilledged to have so many famour peeps in our town!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have extremely important landmarks in out town
The concrete elephant is extremely popular as a tourist feature - hmmmmmmmm well peeps like to graffitti and put antlers and a huge red nose on it at xmas!

The local donkey derby pulls crowds from not very far away!!!!!!!!!

and we trained the finest in the country!

Seriously our town and local area are home to some of the bravest men and women in the world who have been posted to many wars including the afghanistan war too.  In Yateley last weekend the streets were lined with hundreds showing their sympathy and respect for a young 25 year old lad who was killed out there, his grieving wife was a credit to him and a true tribute was paid!

A true hero for our country!

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