Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The hols are flying by!!!

Can't believe the weeks are flying by so fast for the summer hols, blink and you will miss the rest!  We have booked a week away for october this year, so are waiting patiently for that, even though we would rather have been away in the summer, but finances arent as such that we can afford a summer break!

So this is where I have been spending heaps of my time, my new classroom, looks a complete tip doesnt it, and after 3 days of being in there it still feels like it to be honest!  They arent deep cleaning till the end of next week so Im still quite limited as to what i can do in there at the moment, since these pics were taken I have managed to fill 3 display boards with bits and pieces that will stay as static boards, meaning I dont have to change them for the whole year, maybe just add some bits to them every so often!!!!  Yay!  I love boards like that!

What a tip!!!!!!!!!!

I have spent this week working on wedding orders and bits, my friend from work asked me to do her wedding stationary a while back and her invites were completed and delivered, but the order of services and table plan are on the cards for this week!

I also have my baby bro's wedding invites etc to do too, wedding season is upon us!

Today I went to the crem and sat chatting to grandad today on his bench, Im sure that everyone who was there must have thought I was crazy, but it does make me feel much better chatting to him there, I left some flowers and checked that everything had enough water and now feel at peace today.  They say time is a healer, I guess it is in some respects, however memories certainly live on!

Have done a little bit of scrapping this week including a mini book for MIL and a couple of pages, will upload them later in the week if I get a chance and am making more cupcakes this weekend for Emily!  She will enjoy them!


SusieJ said...

Oh Joanne - I hope you got some peace from chatting to your Granddad - I know it must have helped.
But OMG - you don't go into school until last two weeks of the holidays!! I know you think you're getting ahead but as you know- deep cleaning won't be done until later in the hols and the "I won't have to change it.." bit is a fallacy - sorry!(You need to be proactive and change it according to topics and showcase the pupil's work) Sending you hugs and sparkles and if I can help get you through the first year please contact me.
Sue xx

Charlotte said...

Your classroom is taking shape but don't spend too much of your summer in there! What year have you got? If you want any ideas for displays - drop me a comment on my blog and I will be happy to help. I am the display queen at the school I work at, and I really wish I could have a job just going round schools advising on displays!
Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Joanne said...

Tis ok Ladies Im not spending that much time there really, I have lottie with me and she loves going to play with the different toys and on the computer, I am not going in again till the 23rd, when Im having a joint planning meeting with the other year 2 teacher and then sorting the classroom out for the rest of the afternoon, Im not going in again after that but to be honest there was so little in my classroom I had to go in to pnch resrouces from around the school! There was one drawer with number lines in it and then no other maths resrouces at all!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!! Still is looking better than it did!

Susie how about my first years planning done by you that will help out! Lol!