Thursday, 2 July 2009

Can I take my bed with me...

to work that is, I feel that I have lived there this week, and certainly done more than my fair share of hours!!! Monday was staff meeting which seemed to go on forever discussing sports day and was imo a waste of time, then tuesday was a meeting for the new FS unit, which went on till after six, fortunatly I had Charley with me so I got to leave a bit early! Tonight is the FSU parent meeting so thats why I feel that I need to take my bed with me!

Tomorrow is sports day for both charley and my school, bad clash but IM off to Charleys in the morning and will have to catch up on our school one in the afternoon!

Not done any crafting and feeling a bit guilty at the moment too as I bought myself a cuttlebug the other week and havent even used it yet! I know I have a my cricut, but I still have loads of dies and embossing folders, so really should get on and have a play. Anyhow work is calling!

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