Sunday, 16 November 2008

Another year older

Well I was yesterday and so was my nan and her twin sister, all three of us share the same day, which is quite nice! I got some fabby silicone baking trays especially some muffin trays as Ive become a bit of a muffin freak! Also got some money, gift vouchers, a new iron !?!?!?! clothes, handbag and Dawn French's new book - Dear Fatty! Dont ya just love dawn French!

I spent the day doing very little, finishing a circle journal, making recipe cards for a tin Ive made my mum, I guess its about time I uploaded some pics. Ive so many projects on the go at the moment and I really do need to get on with making some xmas cards as I just dont have enough left from last year!

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Jinny Holt said...

Glad you had a good day yesterday.
I too have all y xmas cards to make- i may have to be really naughty and buy some and just make special cards this year!!! Ohh the shame of it- have some projects on the go also- soo much todo and so little time heheheheheh