Friday, 4 January 2008

Been and Gone

Well Christmas has been and gone since my last posting, all that time effort and money has been spent and now we are back in the real world and back at work.

Ive done some scrapping over Christmas but not huge amounts - will post some picks later! Charlotte had a lovely day and New Year was nice too, we went to Woking Theatre to see 'Peter Pan' as our special treat then went down to the Bowls Club with my parents to see in the New Year, Charlotte stayed up to see the new year in and after seeing in the new year, happy birthday was also sung to my mum!!!! A new year babe was she!

My aim this year is to scrap the year, not every day but to pick out activities that happen in the year each month and create a scrapbook of pages from them. January will be a new year page as most of the family were about and also Charlotte's birthday which is now up and coming!!!! More money!!!

Then I will take it day by day and see what happens.

We spent lots of Christmas with family seeing Steves side early in December. We spent Christmas eve with my brother and his wife, becoming the blue bin fairies to our next door neighbours on Christmas eve (long story, but very funny!) Christmas day was our day as a fimly together, we popped down to my mums for a short time, but spent the main bulk of the day at home together. Boxing day was at my mums andthe day after boxing day we went off to Steve's sister Sue, it was a great day! The rest of the week we just chilled out at home.

Now Im panicking as I have an assignment to complete over the next week and not a clue about what I am going to do! Mum and Dad are taking Charlotte to the Panto in Camberley - Cinderella I think!- today so I have a few hours to get going on it and work out what I am going to do. Has to be completed by Friday next week then I hjave to put together a seminar presentation on it!!! I cant wait for this course to be over!!! No more studying for me then, well not for a while anyhow!!! unless its crafting courses.

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