Monday, 8 August 2011

So where have I been????

Well now, that would be telling wouldnt it!  To be fair nowhere really!  Well nowhere with a camera!  We went away down to the caravan last week, got out my little friendly camera only to find that I had taken out the battery and forgotten to put it back in!  Cant believe that I did that - well ok maybe I can!

We got back wednesday and found some little visitors in our garden - which I will post pics of later but its too early in the morning to do that now!  They were baby hoglets, little known to us tha  these little critters should not be out in the day on their own!  After a bit of research we fed them then on friday found out that they shouldnt be out without their mummy at all.  So we rang Jayne at The Happy Hedgehog and took little Millie (as Lottie named her) down to Jayne, apparently she is eating a little now so fingers crossed.  She told us to be on the lookout for more!  So about 7.30pm we found bubba 2, down to Jayne that went too, unfortunatly he didnt survive long.  Well now yesterday morning, I just chanced to look outside and low and behold there was bubby number 3, again quite poorly, so Jayne is now looking after 2 of the hoglets.

Now Jayne is a wonderful lady, because she takes in these critters for nothing, she isnt a registered charity, so pays out for the care for these little animals herself/ So I have made her a stack of cards to start selling from her home, car boots or any other means she see's fit (and I will continue to in order to support her).  I have akso had a clear out and a little shopping spree in order to provide her with ramekin bowls, cotton wool, cotton buds, fleece blankets, poultry based cat food/biscuits and dioralyte, all of which are of huge use to her!  So any hedgehog fans living near Yateley can drop any of those items in to her at any time and I know that she will be ever so gratefully or if you prefer to make a donation to support her work then there is a dontate via paypal on her website she also has a facebook page too where you can read about their progress!

I have finally lost my 2 stone at slimming world, only another 3 stone to go till I am at my personal target!!!!

Anyhow will keep you updated on hoggy things over the next few days


Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done on re-homing the little ones...

and BIG well done on your weight loss, that is brill, keep it up...

maria xx

tea_bag said...

nice to see you posting well done on rehoming little ones and such a fab weight loss

coco said...

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