Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Popping in!

It's been a while again, Im not much good at this blogging stuff lately, life is soooo busy.  I found out that my contract at the school Im at will finish in August, there may be a post but no guarentees, however I have bagged myself a new job already, first one that I even went to an interview for, so Im well pleased, especially after last year and going for about a million interviews!  Its in a school that has just come out of special measures, so Im not completely convinced Im doing the right thing, however, I hope I am and I am looking forward to it!

Over the past 2 months I have been religiously going to slimming world and lost myself a whopping 1 stone and 4 lb.  I have a long way to go, but have set myself a target of loosing another 2 stone before the end of the year, and I will do it!

Its been a year since Gramps passed away and I did find the last month really hard.  I had a shocking day at work, where I felt so pressured that I just couldnt stop myself from crying, prompting my head to offer me a phone number for the LA counselling service, which I did decline, Im not into all that counselling stuff, had it years ago, it just messed with my head more I think!  What she didnt realise was that she had put my class assembly on the day that Gramps went into hospital, and I felt so pressured to perform and be on form that I just snapped and couldnt cope!  Anyhow, Im over that and spent some time down at the crem in the blazing sunshine on the anniversary of his death, which made me feel loads better.

Next thursday sees my baby brother getting married, big mistake, I keep telling him, but he is adament that he is going to, so good luck mate, you will need it, its a life sentence!!!  Shame gramps wont be there to see it, he would have been very proud!  Lottie will be a bridesmaid and is very excited to be one, she is on count down, only7 more sleeps to go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow I am going to sign off, wont be around for a few days as off to see MIL!!!!  Big mistake after the last time, but going to be charitable, hopefully this time she wont throw us out after 1/2 hour of being there, you never know though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done with both your job and weight loss joanna...

maria xx